In addition to teaching weekly classes, ongoing workshops and events and doing massage therapy, Linde is a certified practitioner of Accunect,  Anma Shiatsu Therapy, and a certified teacher of Anma Shiatsu Therapy long and short form. She also offers MELT one-on-one Private Sessions.

What is Accunect?

Accuenct is a powerful, simple, non-invasive therapy that allows the body to be balanced and heal itself as nature intended. It helps restore the body’s natural healing potential. Stress occurs in the body because of emotions, beliefs, accidents, injuries, toxins, microbes, trauma and because of a feeling of being disconnected from ourselves and our environment. Accunect works on the holistic view that mind, body and spirit are connected, and has fast, profound and long lasting effects.

“Accunect is a complete energy healing system based on the principles of ancient acupuncture theory, quantum physics, as well as essential connections between the body, mind, spirit and universal consciousness. It stands on the shoulders of osteopathic theory, applied kinesiology, and other ancient healing systems and models of wisdom and insight. It is a system for promoting health and transformation on physical, mental and spiritual planes.” – Dr. Don Ka’imi Pilipovich, DAc, LMT in Accunect Foundations, Future Medicine Today

What is Anma Shiatsu Therapy?

This type of hands-on body work uses acupressure points on the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) meridians to tonify the energies of the body when they become congested or are lacking. A treatment reveals a template for understanding long-held challenges on a physical, mental, and spiritual level which helps us to transform holistically.

“Long and short forms of therapeutic massage are based upon traditional philosophies that embrace the natural world. Self realization and respect for nature are fundamental to the understanding of life and to generating balanced relationships with others and ourselves.” – Dr. DoAnn T. Kaneko, LAc, PdH, OMD in Shiatsu Anma Therapy DoAnn’s Short and Long Forms

Treatment sessions are:

$90 for 60 minutes and $115 for 90 minutes

Private MELT Sessions

Private MELT work is designed to address very specific issues we all develop as a result of years and years of neurological compensation that we’re most likely  unaware of. This is the real crux of each body’s unique manifestation of injury and chronic inflammation which, unaddressed, leads to most of the damage to joints people commonly end up getting surgery for. In private work we identify what is the real criminal that is causing chronic issues and create individualized maps as well as employ specific MELT / strength moves. With a commitment to a regular practice in MELT and the insight and specificity of this essential Private work added as a part of your self-care treatment, you will go from helplessness to hopefulness and success.

Private MELT Sessions are


Are you interested in receiving one-on-one work with a seasoned, certified practitioner in any one of these modalities? Contact Linde today.

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